You drive one of the best electric vehicles on the road, whether it be a Tesla Model 3 or another Tesla model. The only authorized way to flat tow Tesla is to use a flatbed tow truck, wheel lifts, or dollies to move it with all four wheels elevated. Towing with the wheels in contact with the ground can lead to overheating and serious damage since the wheels produce power when they spin.

Keep reading to find out more about this choice and how to flat tow your Tesla safely.

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Towing Tesla by a tow truck or a comparable transport vehicle

While your Tesla can be towed if done so correctly, failing to follow Tesla’s suggested towing procedure could seriously harm your car!

To start, we always advise you to follow the guidelines included in your Tesla owner’s manual.

When you start reading the instructions, you’ll discover that it advises keeping all four of your Tesla’s wheels off the ground while towing, therefore a flatbed truck or trailer is required for the task.

We can confidently say that if you have these options, you can tow your Tesla indefinitely!

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How long can you tow a car?

You can keep your Model 3 there indefinitely if it is securely positioned in a flatbed truck or trailer and none of its wheels is on the ground.

Towing the Model 3 with wheel lifts and dollies, on the other hand, is only safe for 35 miles (55 kilometers) before it causes damage to your vehicle.

Safety measures to avoid damage…

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