Recent soccer news indicates that Spain has risen to the top of the FIFA World Ranking. With its victory at the European Championship, Spain became the new top team in the FIFA World Rankings. Argentina, who is currently in first place, plummeted to sixth place mundial.

With Euro 2008, the Spanish soccer squad began in fourth position and managed to score 254 points. The team’s point total allowed them to overtake Argentina, Brazil, and Italy for the top spot.

Additionally, Germany jumped twice to take the spot and finish third, while the Italians, who made it to the Euro 2008 quarterfinals, moved up to take over second place.

Surprisingly, the teams from the Netherlands are the ones who have moved up the rankings the most, climbing sharply from tenth to fifth. Additionally, Croatia moved up to seventh place from fifteenth.

The teams that reached the Top 10 Rank as of July 2, 2008 are listed below.

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
    Germany 3.
    Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Croatia, and 6.
    Czech Republic 8.
    Portugal, Portugal, France

With Spain’s current ranking, anticipation grows as to whose team will dethrone Spain as the top team. The Spanish team will need to maintain their position now more than ever because everyone will be watching them. Everyone can be certain that this will be eagerly anticipated by Spanish soccer fans and will undoubtedly be a thrilling match for the millions of soccer enthusiasts. More thrilling and action-packed news will be released soon.