Is it possible to Reverse an Autoimmune disease

Reversing symptoms of my Autoimmune disease became more than possible it became my life when I changed the “medicine” I was trying to heal with. Before learning about natural medicine, gut health, the role your lifestyle plays in your day to day health and the state of your disease. I relied on pills to heal my body. When the real culprit of my autoimmune diseases was right there in front of me

Factors in healing my Autoimmune diseases

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  • I started by tracking everything I ate, physical level, element exposure, people I was around, etc. In hopes of getting to the root cause of what was causing my flare-ups. Quickly I saw from the data it was my lifestyle making me sicker. I have made free printables you can download from our “Resource Library”. Trust me its a lot easier than gettin gout your ruler and graph paper ever Sunday to make a new set. But this way you can get. clear idea of what is causing your flare-ups.
  • Nutritional deffiencies. I changed up my supplement game. Well I didn’t take any supplements before. I looked into what supplements could heal the gut and I have been taking them Daily since. We have a post about “5 best supplements to heal your gut”
  • Used food as medicine. The saying you are what you eat really started to hit home when I realized the effect the food I ate had on the state Autoimmune diseases. I switched to an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Healing my Gut. What even is Gut health you may ask and why is it important. Gut health is to big of a chunk of a topic to bite off in this article so I will link two articles that can explain everything you need to know. “How to heal a leaky gut”“Leaky gut and autoimmunity”
  • Turned to holistic methods of healing. I only ever had relied on westernized medicine. I started by trying natural healing remedies and herbal medicine which not only brought lasting relief but help open my eyes to root cause healing.Here are a few easy natural remedies articles that can help open your eyes to quick easy changes you can make. “Natural remedies for inflammation”

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