The usage of alternative medicine (or so-called alternative medicine) in antiquity predated the development of traditional medicine, as was mentioned in Part 1 of this article. It’s fascinating.

to observe that there were fewer diseases afflicting mortals back then. What is the root of today’s seemingly endless rise in severe illnesses that wreck such havoc on the body?

Why have diseases increased and why are there so many fatal cases of these devastating illnesses if conventional treatment was the solution to health issues? Why do so many people tend to believe that alternative medicines created by God lack the same healing qualities as medicines created by humans?

Also, there is what is known as supplementary medicine, which refers to other treatments performed in conjunction with mainstream medicine to achieve a cure. To be effective, however, not every substance categorised as complementary medicine needs to be used in conjunction with traditional therapy.

For instance, because it is frequently combined with conventional therapy, aromatherapy is viewed as complimentary. I’ve used essential oils successfully to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritic pain, chest and nasal congestion, the flu, and swollen joints. In these circumstances, no traditional medicine was applied.

Why is it that, despite the fact that mainstream medicine frequently obstructs the natural healing process, information on treatments by alternative medicine is frequently suppressed?

Individuals are so forced to utilise conventional treatment that they won’t even consider trying alternative medicine because of how persuasive commercials can be if they are heard frequently enough.

Have you ever paid attention to how traditional medicine is promoted? It appears that every attempt is being made to minimise any potential drawbacks.

The advertisements start out by promoting the advantages of the medications before changing abruptly to something along the lines of, “If you have gallbladder problems, or ulcers, (or other illness), you shouldn’t take this.”
Finally, someone claims to have personally experienced the advantages!

Such deceit and dishonesty should be avoided because they could badly harm your health. I frequently ask myself, “Why should I take this conventional medicine at all when I may use some sort of alternative medicine that is not toxic?” if it is likely to harm my stomach, kidneys, liver, or whatever else?

Many people, who have been raised to distrust natural cures but who are eager to get better, jump at the news of some purportedly revolutionary new super healing conventional medicine and immediately start a regimen in the hope that it will solve their problem. However, they either stay ill or worsen. However, they continue to consume them.

I believe that if people are encouraged to adopt alternative medicine to cure illness before it worsens into a dangerous condition, they may not require as much conventional medication like chemotherapy, synthetic pharmaceuticals, and surgery. Disease is unlikely to arise if the body is kept in a healthy state.

Daily indicators of an impending disease are ignored, and when it finally overwhelms a person, attempts are made to find a quick treatment through traditional medicine, which unfortunately rarely produces the desired outcome.

I just do not comprehend why the majority of people do not attempt natural treatments. My son had the standard therapy of insulin and was informed that he would need to use it for the rest of his life after being diagnosed with diabetes at an extremely high count. He chose to test Gymnema Sylvestre, a plant that is referred to as a “sugar destroyer” in India, and he substituted Stevia extract for sugar.

What a shock when he checked the sugar level and saw that it had significantly decreased! After a few weeks, he completely stopped using insulin. He hasn’t started his insulin therapy again despite the fact that it was well over a year ago.
Now that his blood sugar levels have returned to normal, he merely needs the natural remedy for maintenance.

I’m not stating this to imply that you will experience the same outcomes or that you should buy these things right away.
This is merely to bolster my belief in natural treatments. You would be wise to speak with your doctor if you have diabetes.

A simple massage is frequently the solution to an issue. Personally, I haven’t experienced a headache in a long time. I used to have headaches frequently and developed a habit of taking synthetic medications to relieve the pain, but after deciding to try natural therapies and medications, I modified my diet and tried to quit consuming those synthetic headache medications.

I began to rub my shoulders and head whenever a headache struck. Then, to my joy, I discovered that headaches were little and far between. They hardly exist in my life anymore now.

When I feel like I’m about to get a headache (which is very infrequent), I just give my head and shoulders a brief massage and I feel fine. I’m done with headache medications like the “Oh-so-famous” ones that are always touted.

I have given massages to numerous people who have headaches in order to help them get rid of them, as was previously indicated. After receiving a massage for around 20 minutes, many people reported seeing a miraculous end to their days-long headaches.

Everyone should make the time to learn about the natural remedies that may be used to safeguard their own bodies and treat or prevent illnesses. I think so, too. I have researched and read countless articles regarding natural remedies, and I have even used some of them.

Consider the countless numbers of people who would still be alive today if they had known about and been encouraged to apply specific natural medicines to heal themselves.

The purpose of this essay is not to disparage traditional medicine, which has a valuable place in the treatment of surgical procedures and other traumatic disorders. There have been innumerable instances like this when many people would not have lived without the use of traditional treatment.

Yet I do believe that traditional medicine will eventually make way for alternative medicine in the field of pharmaceuticals, while conventional medicine will continue to have a place in the field of surgery and other traumatic conditions where it cannot be disregarded.

Many people have started to take responsibility for their health and have intelligently changed their preference to alternative medicine with positive outcomes. As more focus is placed on disease prevention and maintaining health through natural means, it is likely that this trend will carry on and alternative medicine will one day earn the respect it so well deserves.

A warning, please. Make contact with a licenced practitioner as soon as you decide to attempt alternative medicine.

This article is only meant to provide information; it is not meant to recommend a course of therapy for any illness. The information presented here is based on my personal research and experience, which I am merely sharing with those who might be interested.
Anybody with a sickness is urged to get counsel from a skilled, certified health care practitioner.

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