One of Morocco’s most spectacular and fascinating locations, the Zagora Desert is renowned for its enormous sand dunes, breathtaking scenery, and rich cultural history. Tourists who want to experience the magic of the Sahara frequently travel to the Zagora Desert, which is situated in the southeast of the nation.

Being transported into the heart of Morocco on the way to Zagora is an adventure in and of itself. The High Atlas Mountains, where the road from Marrakech to Zagora runs through Berber settlements and stunning scenery. You can stop at numerous locations along the trip to soak in the view, snap pictures, and sample the local cuisine.

The mountains’ lush foliage abruptly disappears as you get closer to the Zagora Desert, giving place to the arid beauty of the desert. In front of you, the dunes rise up, their golden tones glistening in the sunlight. The quiet is so loud it’s almost deafening, and the air is dry and scorching.

A camel trek is one of the greatest ways to see the Zagora Desert since it gives you the chance to take it slow and take in the scenery from a different angle. If you want a more challenging experience, you can go on a 4×4 tour or go on a walk through the desert.

You will come across amazing sights and noises as you travel across the Zagora Desert. Numerous animals, including snakes, lizards, and desert foxes, can be found in the desert. Additionally, you might encounter nomadic Berber tribespeople who have been residing in the desert for decades and who continue to live according to their traditional customs.

The Draa Valley, a long and meandering oasis that runs for more than 100 km, is among the most recognisable vistas in the Zagora Desert. Rich palm trees, tiny towns, and historic kasbahs (fortified cities) may all be found in the Draa Valley and provide a look into Morocco’s rich cultural past.

The Zagora Desert comes alive at night with the wonder of the stars. The sky is ablaze with numerous stars, giving for a genuinely mesmerising experience as there are no artificial lights to obstruct the vista. Numerous trips give you the option of spending the night in a traditional Berber tent, where you may savour a sumptuous Moroccan meal, sip mint tea, and take in regional music by the campfire.

In conclusion, anyone visiting Morocco should make sure to visit the Zagora Desert. The desert offers an extraordinary experience that will stay with you for a lifetime with its breathtaking vistas, rich cultural legacy, and distinctive animals. The Zagora Desert will enchant you whether you decide to travel there on foot, on camel, or in a 4×4.