Shop securely online

If you wish to purchase securely online, you shouldn’t assume that secure purchasing is always true. You should also take security measures because it is absolutely appropriate to keep your financial information as secure as possible.

Established internet businesses ensure that they have enough security measures in place to protect their customers’ data and, by implication, their own reputation. But even if you believe trustworthy websites, that does not mean you should consider believing everything you read online. People who are overly trusting too fast are easily taken advantage of by malicious websites and people.

So, how can you guarantee your safety while avoiding pricy and time-consuming consequences?

The URL of the website

Online shopping is not a recent development. The options available to consumers now are something entirely new, though. How do you distinguish between excellent and bad websites when so many new ones are always popping up?

Looking at the website is the simplest way to find out this information. All reputable websites have a web address (the name of the website that appears in your menu bar) that begins with “https” or “http.” Any website that requests that you enter any personal information, much less your financial information, should ideally adhere to one of two web communication protocols (types), as they are both regarded as safe by international standards.

This demonstrates that the website follows accepted best practises and may thus be trustworthy, however it is not a requirement. Therefore, shop securely online and confirm that your preferred website conforms with these requirements. If not, no worries—you can choose to pay with cash on delivery, which is something that most popular websites now provide meilleur prix au cameroun.

Online payment

While the preceding step is essential if you want to shop safely online, the next one is a must.

So you find a product you like online, read the reviews, and confirm that you like what you see. You then decide to purchase the item online using your credit card. Most websites that take payments online will open a new window or refer you to a specific window where you must input your card information or secure transaction ID (usually generated for each transaction).

However, you should pause and make sure the address bar has a closed lock icon that is displayed in green just before the website’s address before entering your information.

Avoid making an online payment through this gateway if this indicator is missing or shows an open lock (often coloured grey) in its place. This demonstrates that the connection is insecure and that a third party may listen in on the conversation.

If you wish to shop online safely in such a situation, you should select a different payment method or decide to accept cash on delivery.

App-based shopping

A smartphone application is typically available for the services provided by websites that host online shopping portals. It’s possible that app transactions are safer than online transactions. However, keep in mind that the legitimacy of the website should immediately affect your decision to make an online payment utilising the application. Don’t download the application from suspicious or questionable websites, it should be evident.

Before downloading the application from the App Store (for Apple smartphones) or the Google Play Store, you should also spend some time to read a few reviews (for Android devices). Only download apps that have a high rating and numerous downloads. Additionally, make sure you read a few reviews to determine whether the application requires ratings before you can use it (an underhand tactic that some malicious apps may use).